Luxe Manicure 30
Luxe Sport Manicure 25
Luxe Shellac Manicure 40
Paraffin 12


Clinical Medi Pedi 80
Clinical Sport Medi Pedi 72
Clinical Shellac Medi Pedi 85
Luxe Pedicure 58
Luxe Sport Pedicure 52
Luxe Shellac Pedicure 65
Medi Heel Peel 40
Paraffin 18


Brows 18
Lip 10
Chin 12
Sideburns/Cheeks 15
Brow/Lip/Chin 35
Full Face 45
Underarms 20
Bikini 25
Lower Leg 30


Brows 15
Lashes 25

Elim Clinical Spa Pedicure Treatments

Meet the new generation of hand and foot treatments! Elim Spa Products was founded by Shantelle Booysen who struggled with intense dry cracked heels. She discovered that her body experienced injury with excessive filing and blading; typically, our bodies were designed to operate in a very specific manner where healing has longer lasting end results over treating symptoms. Her goal was to look for a healthier alternative where her skin would not react with calluses every time she had a pedicure; thus, Elim was born.

Through very thorough research and critically analyzing the traditional steps of a pedicure, she looked at each product and benchmarked the pedicure products with the technology that had historically been reserved for only facial treatments. She knew right away that the filing and blading had to go because doing so sends a message of injury to the body that it needs to protect the skin; therefore, calluses form. To replace the filing and blading, a chemical peel was developed that keratolytically removes dead skin cells by breaking up the protein bonds on the heel. Furthermore, salt and/or sugar scrubs were the next to be replaced by an eco-friendly AHA foot exfoliant to help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles on the feet; an antifungal foot soak with tea tree and rosemary oil replaced traditional foot soaks; a foot perfector was developed with a unique gel powder technology to provide a nonslip effect after your pedicure. The range of products doesn’t end there and the best part is, retail is available (for both hands & feet) so you can continue treating at home between manicures and pedicures!


Essential Touch Vitamin Facial
(No Extractions)115

Essential Touch Vitamin Facial
(with Extractions)125

Environ Medical Grade Facial – customized to target your main concern(s) while delivering the cornerstone ingredient, Vitamin A; essential to be replaced daily for skin to appear healthier and more resilient.

Targeted Concerns include:
a) Ageing (Youth Reset)
b) Dehydration (Moisture Boost)
c) Sensitivity (Comfort Calm)
d) Pigmentation (Radiance Reveal)
e) Blemish Prone (Clarify)

Instant Revival Facial
(No Extractions)120

Instant Revival Facial
(with Extractions)130

Environ Medical Grade Facial – similar to the Essential Vitamin Touch Facial with an additional masque treatment using the Tri Bio-Botanical Revival Masque; also known as the “Facelift in a Jar”

Targeted Concerns include:
a) Ageing (Youth Reset)
b) Dehydration (Moisture Boost)
c) Sensitivity (Comfort Calm)
d) Pigmentation (Radiance Reveal)
e) Blemish Prone (Clarify)

Clarify & Correct Facial
(Acne Prone Skin) 105

Using Environ’s Focused Care Clarity+ Line, this facial will specifically target breakout-prone skin and address the Vitamin A deficiency in problematic skin.

The Clarity+ Range contains various scientifically researched ingredients that may assist in improving the appearance of breakout-prone skin. This simple 3-phase skincare routine is tough on breakouts and helps create the appearance of a clean, controlled and clear skin.

Vitamin Infusion Facial
(DF Machine) 170

Fully customized for your skin concerns including ageing, acne (& scars), stretch marks, pigmentation, dehydration & more! This beautiful treatment uses the DF machine to help vitamins, antioxidants, peptides & growth factors penetrate deeper into the skin; where they are needed the most.

Cool Peels

Bright Recovery Cool Peel155
Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone, hydration, pigmentation, acne and ageing.

Experience Environ Cool Peel Technology – this peel uses a 10% Lactic Acid Gel formulated to gently help resurface the skin without destruction to the epidermis.

Vibrant-C Micro Peel145
Improve the appearance of pigmentation.

Experience Environ Cool Peel Technology – this peel uses a 20% Vitamin C formulation to help soften and smooth the texture and appearance of rough sun-damaged skin. The high concentration of vitamin C helps to promote a more youthful and radiant appearance.

NOTE: Both peel treatments include the use of the DF machine to provide enhanced results and product penetration. It is highly recommended to have been using Environ Skin Care for at least 3 weeks prior to doing any of these peels. Environ Skin Care preps your skin by normalizing it with adequate Vit A; doing so will provide best results.


FREE Initial Consultation – By Appointment Only

Treatments are tailored to each individual; therefore, pricing will be discussed after initial consultation.

Package pricing available for all laser treatments.

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